You and your gender

Let me ask you, what do YOU think GENDER is?

Well, to me GENDER is what limited me,
what hurt me when I developed signals that
supposivly "belong" to the "other side"
of the TWO gender types.

It also showed me,
where I failed to stay on one side,
and it was said,
that this was sick.
And when you are sick,
you go to a doctor,
who fixes it, right?
To fit into the concept GENDER,
I had to have SURGERY.
So sick was I that I had to be CUT apart.
Only to PASS as this - or that.

Gender showes you where your place is.
It tells you how to dress,
pick your nose,
scratch your crotch,
how to ask questions,
when to answer,
what to say,
how much money you make,
and on which side you choose
your allies or enemy.

If you, by choice,
would overstep a boundary,
from one gendertype towards the other,
you transgress,
you violate an ORDER system,
you threaten the peace,
of how things are supposed to be,
which have always been like this,
"since dawn of time".
The thing is,
the last statement is a lie.
A lie of OUR time,
OUR "western world",
and supported by everyone of us,
that plays along.

If you transgress,
without your knowledge,
(so for example,
when you were born
with attributes that do not belong
to the gender you were assigned to
[by doctors, nurses, midwifes, you confused,
while you as the baby
might be happy, healthy, and full of joy,
ignorant of the things that might yet come]
so that they wouldn't know
WHAT you are,
and make the decision for you)
your body has to be
put back into order,
you will be FIXED,
by medicine,
that acts for the good of society,
in the name of the law,
that doesn't even percieve anything else,
than Boy or Girl.

All in the name of GENDER,
so everyone will know,
how to deal with you,
what to call you,
how to think of you,
which is helpful, of course,
which simplefies all kinds of decisions,
mainly the ways,
how to suppress you,
hurt you,
use you,
manipulate you,
sell to you,
steal from you.

What now, if I don't play this game anymore?
Everyone screams 'CHEATER!"
you know why?
Because, without GENDER,
I am free.

I don't need anyone,
to tell me WHAT or even WHO I am.
I definately am NEITHER male or female.
Though since you might still play along,
I see you and your role.
Well, I make you see me.
Is it jealousy on your face?
Hatred and Anger?
You don't know what to sell me?
How to talk to me?
How to hurt me?

Maybe you will laugh at me,
or try to kill me,
but let me tell you,
You are dreaming your life,
Sponsored by companies, ideas and rules,
that make you, everyday.
Your identity,
Its a system!

I say, WAKE UP!
And see, what more there is to life.
Though if you don't want to leave,
those fake shores you consider safety and identity,
just let ME be,

flowing thoughts in june
GFN 2001