This is the math how our society turns babies into men and women:
When a baby is born, the easiest way to check if its a boy or a girl is to look for a penis.

The absence of a penis gives the judging person the conclusion this must be a girl. Normally it is not necessary to check for a vagina, well, this is a patriarchic system we live in.

Now lets say, YES, there is a penis = 1 (BOY)
or, NO, there is no penis = 0 (GIRL)

But to REALLY make sure that we have a boy here we have to check some more details:
Is the opening of the uretha someplace else than at the tip of the penis? If it is someplace else than at the tip of the penis, you might be assigned girl anyway, it depends how 'severe' the "Hypospadias" is. But there are REALLY some other categories that have to be checked and that make the sex/gender of a person:

a. - hormonal sex (androgens, estrogen, testosterone)

b. - gonadal sex (testicular, ovarian, [ovotestian])

c. - interior sex organs (uterus, prostate, vagina, fallopian tubes)

d. - exterior sex organs "(penis, clitoris, labia, scrotum)

e. - secondary sex attributes (pattern of hairgrowth, breasts, voice, etc.)

f. - chromosomal status (XX, XY, [XXY, X0, XX/XY mosaic, etc.])

g. -genetic sex (SRY gene)

h. - sex of rearing (assigned gender)

Now we have eight (8) categories (a. - h.) that each get a number,

either (1) for MALE,

or (0) for FEMALE.

If you add those five numbers and divide them by five, you get your gender.

For example:

a. = 1
b. = 1
c. = 1
d. = 1
e. = 1
f. = 1
g. = 1
h. = 1
= 8 : 8  = 1

Congratulations, its a BOY!

or another example:

a. = 0
b. = 0
c. = 0
d. = 0
e. = 0
f. = 0
g. = 0
h. = 0
= 0 : 8 = 0

Congratulations, its a zero...ahem...GIRL

or yet another example:

a. = 0,5
b. = 1
c. = 1
d. = 0,25
e. = 0

f. = 0,33
g. = 0
h. = 1


4,08 : 8 = 0,51

oops,...oh well, Congratulation anyway

 What we haven't shown you yet is the actual calculation of how many sexes there are:

If we only go by the eight (8) categories that "make" sex (science point of view) and ONLY count those eight male (8+) and eight female (8-) categories that could be variated within a body we will come to:

8 times its exponent 2 = 256 Sexes

add only one variation of one of these 8 categories (so for example the ovotesties or XXY caryotype)

we will get

8 times its exponent 3 = ...

GFN 2001