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GFN_GenderFreeNation is a resource for all who question the current paradigm of NORMALITY and its violent implications

This project has been started as a personal and subjective approach by an hermaphroditic individual to express, learn and understand the dynamics between nature, cultural paradigms and art. GFN_ does not believe, that people, who transgress the standards of sex and gender are in need of medical help. GFN_ believes, that the current plateau of reasoning is in need to level itself up into a new and more inclusive paradigm that can then include more shades of human conditions as "normal". Until classifications,segregations and discriminations on the base of sex, class, ableism and race will become obsolete there is the task to build awareness and understanding. This project is hoping to be a small contribution towards this goal.

A few words to the name:
GENDER equals the role and identity which should match or mirror your body, ideally. Because Gender plays such an important role in society, it seems natural and a given. Hermahprodites or intersex people are being "fixed" medically, psychologically and made invisible, mainly because it seems unnatural and outrageous to be born intersexed. What actually happens is this: society creates its own boundaries by creating those who wont fit, so to measure their normality.
FREE is the freedom for everyone to just be as you are or how you want to be, without restriction.
NATION is the community, not a nation in the national sense, but maybe in the sense of self-chosen Family, Home, Refuge.

If you would like to participate or comment, please feel free to write an email to : info@genderfreenation.de

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