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This is a subjective and incomplete booklist.
For more books about Intersexuality check out the Bibliography of the 1-0-1 [one ó one] intersex website (link).


The Morphodite, The Genetic Time Bomb Person, M. A. Foster, 1981

Bone Dance, Emma Bull; Ace New York 1991

The Left Hand of Darkness, Ursula K. Le Guin, Ace New York, 1969

The Birthday of the World, Ursula K. Le Guin, Harper Collins, 2002

Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides, Farrar Straus & Giroux; ISBN: 0374199698; (September 4, 2002)

Dawn (Book One of the Xenogenesis Series), Octavia E. Butler, Warner Books, 1987

Mitgift, Ulrike Draesner, Berlin

Trouble on Triton, Samuel R. Delany, Wesleyan University Press, 1996; ISBN:0-8195-6298-X (first published under "Triton" @ Bantam Spectra Books, 1976)

Blackwood Farm (The Vampire Chronicles), Anne Rice, Knopf; ISBN: 0375411992; 1st edition (October 29, 2002)

The Angel and the Perverts, Lucie Delarue-Mardrus, New York Univerity Press NY, London 1995

The Futurological congress (from the memoirs of Ijon Tichy), Stanislaw Lem, Seabury Press Inc. 1974; Avon Books, 1976

not exactly anything about gender, but about the culture of freaks, mutants, monstrosities...GEEK LOVE, Katherine Dunn, Randomhouse, New York 1989


Intersexualität - Menschen zwischen den Geschlechtern, Claudia Lang, Campus, 2006, ISBN-10: 3-593-38223-7

Leben zwischen den Geschlechtern -Intersexualität - Erfahrungen aus einem Tabubereich, Ulla Fröhling

Lessons from the Intersexed, Suzanne J. Kessler, Rutgers University Press; ISBN: 0813525292; (August 1998)

Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex, Alice Domurat Dreger, Harvard Univ Pr; ISBN: 0674001893; (March 4, 2000)

Intersex in the Age of Ethics, Alice Domurat Dreger (ed.), University Publishing Group Maryland 1999

Two-Spirit People, Sue-Ellen Jacobs, ISBN 0-252-06645-6

As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised As a Girl, John Colapinto, Harper Perennial; ISBN: 0060929596; (February 19, 2001)

Third Sex, Third Gender. Beyond Sexual Dimorphism in Culture and History, Gilbert Herdt (ed.), Zone Books NY 1996

Sex Changes: The Politics of Transgenderism, Pat Califia, Cleis Pr; ASIN: 1573440728; (July 1997)

Monster Theory. Reading Culture, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen (ed.), University of Minnesota Press Minneapolis / London 1996

Transgender Warriors : Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman, Leslie Feinberg, Beacon Press; ISBN: 0807079413; (June 1997)

Sublime Mutations, Del LaGrace Volcano, ISBN 3-88769-135-0

Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us, Kate Bornstein, ISBN: 0679757015; Reprint edition (April 1995)

The Mythology of Transgression: Homosexuality as Metaphor, Jamake Highwater, Oxford University Press, 1997

Deviant Bodies, Jennifer Terry, Jaqueline Urla, Indiana University Press Bloomington 1995

Changing Sex: Transsexualism, Technology, and the Idea of Gender, Bernice L. Hausman, Duke University Press, 1995

Freaks: Myths and Images of the Secret Self, Leslie Fiedler, Anchor Books/Double Play 1993, Call #: GT 6730.F53

Freakery -Cultural Spectacles of the Extraordinary Body, Rosemarie Garland Thomson (ed.), New York University Press, 1996

Sexing the Body : Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality, Anne Fausto-Sterling;, Basic Books, 2000

The Invisibles. A Tale of the Eunuchs of India, Zia Jaffrey, Vintage New York 1996

Sex, Ecology and Spirituality, From the Collected Works Vol.6, Ken Wilber, Shamballa, Boston, London 1995, 2000


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TV documentaries (excerpt):

...Channel 4 BBC


Following links to movies or trailers that you can watch online

Unknown to most, some babies are born with a condition known as genital ambiguity. XXY is the story of the brutal and transforming moment when a teenager comes to term with her identity.
Nothing is worst than being afraid of one´s own body, a boy who underwent a normalisation once told me. He grew up with the scars of surgery on his body. In that castration, the fear of genital ambiguity became the metaphor for all the amputations spawned by fear of Difference.
XXY - The english movie website, XXY - Zur deutschen Filmwebsite
XXY - TRAILER (deutsch)

BOTH or Borderline (working title)
the film is finished and is touring the Film Festivals worldwide.
"BOTH" tells the story of Rebeca Duarte, a young stuntwoman, who unravels a sexual mystery that leads her to discover a hidden family secret.

"XXXY" is a stirring portrait of two intersex individuals born with ambiguous genitalia and their struggle against the medical establishment and society's enforced gender system.

Following links to websites of filmmakers and films

Die Katze ist kein Vogel
ein visuelles Hörstück von Melani Jilg (deutsch)

Dies ist die website zum Film "Tintenfischalarm", einem österreichischen Kino-Dokumentarfilm von Elisabeth Scharang über Alex Jürgen, der mit nicht eindeutigem Geschlecht, also intersexuell geboren wurde. Der Film hatte seine Premiere auf der Berlinale 2006 und startet am 7. April in den österreichischen Kinos, und dann hoffentlich sehr bald auch in Deutschland.

Hermaphrodites Speak Intersex Society of North America (ISNA)

Yellow for Hermaphrodites: Mani's Story Greenstone Pictures New Zealand

Journey Intersex Del LaGrace Volcano

Gender Trouble Roz Mortimer

THE HIDDEN GENDER (Das Verordnete Geschlecht) Oliver Tolmein

INTERSEX Exposition
Born Queer - Dear Doctors Eli se Mbessakwini

Following links to filmfest websites and others

Annual Filmfest in Toronto, Canada

This festival originated with the express purpose of promoting the artistic endeavors of Transsexual, Intersex and Transgender people, providing a space for artists to network, and for the public to learn about these communities from their own voices and not just from the stereotypical, mainstream representations.


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There are several intersex support groups and forums in the web. Many require membership or/and an informal application in form of an email or online registration before entering (for safety reasons and privacy). Since these groups and forums often fluctuate, the following links might not be accessible anymore.


Intersex Foren (deutsch)
Das Forum der Organisation Intersex International (OII) ist mehrsprachig, es gibt neben dem englischen, spanischen, französischen auch einen deutschen Bereich.
Mehr zu OII in deutscher Sprache findet ihr hier: OII-Deutsch
Hermaphroditen Forum - besteht seit 2004
Forum für intersexuelle Menschen
Ursprünglich aus dem Forum der XY-Frauen hervorgegangen ist dieses Forum spaetestens seit der Gründung des Vereins Intersexueller Menschen e.V. offen fuer alle Zwitter, Hermaphroditen, Intersexen sowie für deren Angehörige und allen Interessierten


Intersex Forum (english)
The forum of Organisation Intersex International (OII) is multilingual, there are areas in english, french, spanish and german.
More about OII you find here:
Intersex Community Forum of Bodies Like Ours


Other groups and links (queer, radical queer)

United genders of the Universe

(For Members)
A SF/Berkely-based group with weekly meetings - open to everyone that can, want and need continue counting past two (2)

Welcome to the radical European queer network, the home of queeruption!! This site aims to link together various projects where the terms “radical” & “queer” can mean anything. The views and ideas on the site are not held in common by all contributors to the pages…so don’t expect consistency. All they do share is a desire to expand the possibilities to live a more sexy & funky life…so go to it and enjoy.

Queer Liberation Front
the qlf mission statement: the queer liberation front is a direct action movement of autonomous cells. we believe that gender, sex, and sexuality are fluid and limitless rather than fixed and limited. we work toward creating a culture that encourages people to freely explore and express their gender, sex, and sexuality.

(For Members)
"Intersexed Society" is a discussion/support group for Intersex individuals, and our allies. We ask that everyone wishing to join "Intersexed Society" submit a brief introduction. Upon approval of your membership your introduction will be submitted to the group. This is a measure screen out those looking to use this list for a personal ad, to protect sensitive persons viewing the list, and assure that this list remains a safe place to discuss important issues. Goddess Bless, Lynnell Stephani Long List Owner Intersex Activist &; Educator [Keywords: PAIS, AIS, CAIS, CAH, Intersex, Intersexed, Androgynous]
(For Members)
Welcome to the "AIS People Club". We welcome anyone with AIS and similar intersex conditions. Feel free to participate in discussions and on-line chats. We all look forward to getting to know you better. Rest assured that the AIS People Club is PRIVATE and for Members only. Non-members cannot read our messages or join our chats. For more information about us, including details on how to join, please go to the AIS People website at for more information. For further details about AIS and other intersex conditions, please visit the AIS Support Group Australia website at or the AISSG Consortium at . (Note the AIS Support Group Australia was founded by a medical professional in Melbourne in 1985 and is fully independent of the AISSG Consortium).

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